Traveling to Italy and need a local SIM card? Getting an Italy SIM card is easy and affordable, allowing you to access data, make calls, and send texts while visiting the country. This guide provides everything you need to know about getting a prepaid SIM card in Italy.


1. Should I Buy a New SIM Card for My Italy Trip?

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For most travelers, getting an Italy SIM card is highly recommended among these mobile internet options in Italy. With a local SIM, you can:

  • Access Google Maps for navigation
  • Use ridesharing apps like Uber
  • Translate Italian words and phrases on the fly
  • Post photos and updates to social media
  • Make local calls and texts affordable
  • Avoid expensive roaming charges in Italy from your home carrier.

An Italy SIM gives you constant connectivity, helping you get around and enhancing your travel experience. The only reason not to get one is if you plan to stay completely off the grid during your trip.

2. Italy SIM Card Types – Which One is the Best for Tourists?

When shopping for an Italy SIM card, you’ll find these main options:

SIM Card Type Description Typical Devices
Standard SIM The original SIM card, which is the largest of the three sizes. Older mobile phones and tablets
Micro SIM A smaller version of the standard SIM card. Most smartphones and tablets made after 2010
Nano SIM The smallest SIM card size. Most smartphones and tablets made after 2012
eSIM A virtual SIM card that is embedded in the device. Modern smartphones and tablets

For travelers visiting Italy for a week or two, eSIM or standard SIM card are almost always the best choice. They provide flexibility and affordability without locking you into any long-term agreements.

3. How Much Data Is Enough for a Prepaid Tourist SIM Card for Italy?

For a short Italy trip, most travelers will be fine with 2-4GB of data on a prepaid SIM card. Here are some data usage estimates as a reference:

  • 500MB-1GB per day for light usage (maps, some social media, web browsing)
  • 2GB per day for moderate usage (streaming music, sharing photos/videos, using data regularly throughout the day)
  • 4GB+ per day for heavy usage (streaming HD video, large file downloads)

Getting at least 10GB for a 7-10 day trip, and 15-20GB if you’ll be using data heavily each day. Some Italian SIM cards also offer unlimited data packages which can provide great value for longer visits.

4. How Much Does an Italy SIM Card Cost?

Costs for Italy SIM cards are very reasonable, especially compared to roaming charges. The average prices are:

Operators Plan Name Price Data Local Calls SMS Validity Total Cost (USD)
Fastweb Fastweb Mobile ~ 8.5 USD 150 GB at 5G Speed Unlimited 100 SMS 30 days ~ 19 USD
Fastweb Mobile Full ~10.5 USD 200 GB at 5G Speed Unlimited 100 SMS 30 days ~ 21 USD
Fastweb Mobile Maxi ~ 12.5 USD 300 GB at 5G Speed Unlimited 100 SMS 30 days ~ 23 USD
Iliad Voice Only ~ 5 USD 40 MB Unlimited Unlimited 30 days ~ 15 USD
Data 300 ~ 14 USD 300 GB - - 30 days ~ 24 USD
GIGA 100 ~ 8 USD 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited 30 days ~ 18 USD
GIGA 150 ~ 10 USD 150 GB Unlimited Unlimited 30 days ~ 20 USD
Vodafone Vodafone Holiday SIM ~ 30 USD 2 GB in 4G speed 300 minutes 300 SMS 30 days ~ 30 USD
Vodafone Dolce Vita ~ 15 USD 100 GB in 5G 200 minutes 200 SMS 30 days ~ 15 USD
TIM TIM Tourist SIM ~ 20 USD 40 GB 200 minutes 200 SMS 30 days ~ 20 USD
WindTre WindTre Tourist Pass ~ 15 USD 20GB 100 minutes 100 SMS 30 days ~ 15 USD

These are approximate figures, however, they tend to vary from one store to another or even when choosing a particular prepaid plan.


  • US Dollars ($) for all prices.
  • SIM card cost paid once.
  • This is a monthly recurring payment that will be deducted from your bill every month.
  • Also, some prepaid plans comprise unlimited calls and messages to Italian numbers.

5. Italy eSIM – Alternative to Physical SIM Cards

Get an Italy eSIM from
Get an Italy eSIM from

Some providers issue eSIMs in addition to physical SIM cards in Italy. An eSIM is a digital SIM profile that gets installed directly on your phone.

The advantages of using an Italy eSIM include:

  • No need to get a physical SIM card
  • Activation is done digitally, including eSIM QR code scanning
  • Great for unlocked phones with dual SIM slots
  • Flexible plans and easy top-ups

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6. Where to Buy an Italy SIM Card?

Finding the right place to buy an Italy SIM card is important for staying connected while traveling.

6.1. Buy eSIM online

To get an Italy eSIM, simply visit a provider’s website like, select your plan, and activate your eSIM by scanning a QR code on your phone.

The entire process takes just minutes and delivers your connectivity instantly. Some eSIMs have better country coverage in Europe than others, so compare providers before purchasing.

6.2. Buy Physical SIM Card

Physical SIM cards can be purchased at:

  • Major airports and train stations – SIM kiosks are always in the arrival areas. Look for carriers like TIM, Vodaphone, and Wind to buy SIM cards in Italy airports.
  • Electronics stores – like MediaWorld, Unieuro, and Euronics sell SIM cards. Bring your passport for registration.
  • Local phone shops – Smaller independent stores also provide SIM cards in Rome or SIM cards in Milan. Look for the “SIM Card” signs in windows.
TIM store at Rome Airport
TIM store at Rome Airport

When buying in person, TIM or Vodafone as they have the widest networks. WindTre is also decent. Avoid more obscure carriers that could have patchy coverage.

7. How to Use Italy SIM

Using your Italian SIM card is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Insert the SIM into your unlocked phone. For iPhones, you may need a SIM pin to open the tray.
  2. Restart your device and the SIM will automatically configure your network settings.
  3. You may need to input the PIN code provided on the SIM packaging to activate it.
  4. To add more data or minutes, purchase top-up cards called ricariche from tobacco shops, newsstands, or carrier stores.
  5. Make sure to turn OFF cellular data roaming on your previous carrier. This prevents simultaneous connections that can rack up huge fees.
  6. When finished with the SIM, just power down your phone and switch back to your regular carrier SIM before flying home.

8. Best Mobile Operators for Italy SIM Cards

Here are top recommended Italian network providers for getting a local Italy SIM card:

Mobile Operator Pros Cons
Iliad Cheapest prepaid plans, unlimited data roaming in the EU Limited customer service, limited 5G coverage
Vodafone Good network coverage, good customer service, good range of prepaid plans More expensive than Iliad
WindTre Best network coverage, good range of prepaid plans More expensive than Iliad
TIM Good network coverage, good range of prepaid plans More expensive than Iliad

Overall, Vodafone/Iliad for the best value. It has most affordable prepaid and free data roaming in the EU. However, if you seek good customer service or 5G coverage, then you can go for Vodafone, WindTre, or TIM.

Which mobile network should you go for?

The choice of the best mobile operator is subjective, taking into account your need and financial ability.

  • Looking for the lowest price? Then Iliad is your way to go.
  • WindTre, TIM and Vodafone can be a great option, if you expect high-quality customer care or 5G support.
  • Iliad prepaid may also offer a better alternative if you plan to travel to other EU countries with unlimited data roaming.

9. Tips for Saving Data for Italy SIM Card

To reduce your data usage, make the most of your cell phone in Italy:

  • Connect to free WiFi whenever possible – at your hotel, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Download maps and music playlists on WiFi before heading out for the day.
  • Limit streaming of high bandwidth video and music when only on cellular data.
  • Disable auto-app updates on your phone which can eat up data quickly.
  • Turn off Background App Refresh for apps that don’t need constant data access.
  • Shut down extra features like hotspots or NFC that can drain data when not needed.
  • Consider getting a SIM with unlimited data if you plan on using lots of data each day. This avoids any overage charges.

By following these tips, you can easily make 2-4GB last your entire Italy trip!

10. FAQs

Do I need to show ID to get an Italy SIM card?

Yes, you’ll need to show your passport when registering a new SIM card in Italy. This is required by law to verify your identity and prevent fraud.

Can I use an Italy SIM across Europe?

Italian SIMs only provide free roaming within Italy. For Europe-wide coverage, look at eSIM options from providers like or KnowRoaming. Or you can buy a local SIM in each country.

Is WiFi widely available in Italy?

Yes, most hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops, and public spaces offer free public WiFi in cities across Italy. Smaller towns may have fewer hotspots, so a SIM card is still recommended.

Can I use a SIM in rental cars in Italy?

Most rental cars do not come with a SIM card or WiFi hotspot. Verify with your provider at pickup. If not available, I’d advise getting your own wireless SIM/eSIM as a backup for navigation.

11. Conclusion

It’s relatively cheap and easy to get yourself an Italian SIM card in case you do not want to incur expensive international roaming fees. One can easily get a prepaid SIM for short Italy trips, where major providers like TIM, Vodaphone, and Wind offer good coverage.

A SIM would also be important in getting directions through maps, social media and other travel apps when you go around Italy. Upon arriving, simply go to SIM kiosks located at airports and train stations to connect immediately. Great vacation in Italy.