Grabbing a SIM card in Milan helps you stay connected smoothly and boosts your experience in this fashion capital. This blog post will provide you with easy tips for staying connected, saving on roaming fees, and accessing local services. With local tips, you’ll breeze through getting a SIM card and make the most of your Milan adventure.

sim card in milan

I. Which mobile operator is the best in Milan?

Choosing the best mobile operator in Milan depends on your priorities. Here’s a comparison of four major providers:

Criteria TIM WindTre Vodafone Fastweb Iliad
Coverage Extensive urban coverage Good coverage in urban areas Wide coverage Limited coverage Moderate
Speed High-speed data available Decent data speeds Fast 4G speeds Moderate data speeds High
Reliability Generally reliable network Reliable in most areas Highly reliable Limited reliability Moderate
Price Range (USD) ~$11 - $33 ~$16 - $28 ~$16 - $39 ~$11 - $22 ~$5.50 - $22

As you can see, Vodafone is the top pick for tourists in Milan with its great coverage, fast speeds, reliability, and competitive prices. However, individual preferences matter, and TIM and Windtre are also good options based on specific needs.

II. Best Milan SIM Card and Cost

Choosing the right SIM card provider is important for travelers visiting Milan, Italy. The following table compares data and call plans from the top Italian carriers to find the best cell service deal.

Operators Plan Name Price Data Local Calls SMS Validity Total Cost (USD)
Fastweb Fastweb Mobile ~ 8.5 USD 150 GB at 5G Speed Unlimited 100 SMS 30 days ~ 19 USD
Fastweb Mobile Full ~10.5 USD 200 GB at 5G Speed Unlimited 100 SMS 30 days ~ 21 USD
Fastweb Mobile Maxi ~ 12.5 USD 300 GB at 5G Speed Unlimited 100 SMS 30 days ~ 23 USD
Iliad Voice Only ~ 5 USD 40 MB Unlimited Unlimited 30 days ~ 15 USD
Data 300 ~ 14 USD 300 GB - - 30 days ~ 24 USD
GIGA 100 ~ 8 USD 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited 30 days ~ 18 USD
GIGA 150 ~ 10 USD 150 GB Unlimited Unlimited 30 days ~ 20 USD
Vodafone Vodafone Holiday SIM ~ 30 USD 2 GB in 4G speed 300 minutes 300 SMS 30 days ~ 30 USD
Vodafone Dolce Vita ~ 15 USD 100 GB in 5G 200 minutes 200 SMS 30 days ~ 15 USD
TIM TIM Tourist SIM ~ 16 USD 100GB 5G speed Unlimited - 30 days ~ 26 USD
WindTre WindTre Tourist Pass ~ 26 USD 200GB in 5G + 27GB in the EU + 3GB in Switzerland Unlimited + 100 international minutes 50 SMS 30 days ~ 26 USD

Note: Prices and data allowances might change. Checking out the official provider websites is key for the most up-to-date information.

III. Where to buy a SIM card in Milan

You can buy a SIM card in Milan in 2 places: at the Milan airports and in the city.

1. Getting a SIM Card at Milan airport

Here are some airports in Milan that help you find a SIM card:

  • Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP): Vodafone store is located after passport control in the departures hall of Terminal 2. You can also buy Vodafone SIM at Forexchange in Terminal 1.
  • Milan Linate Airport (LIN): Vodafone store is only at Forexchange, a money exchange store, in the arrivals area. After getting your bags and clearing customs, you’ll see Forexchange straight ahead on the right.
  • Milan Bergamo Airport (BGY):
    • Forexchange at Arrivals partners with Vodafone, selling phone cards.
    • Oriocenter – from the arrival, cross the Motorway through an underpass to the Oriocenter entrances. They offer stores for Wind and Vodafone.
get sim card at milan airport
Get a SIM card at Milan Airport (MXP)

Check out this post on where to buy A SIM card at Milan Airport for information on getting a local SIM at Milan Malpensa Airport.

2. Getting a Prepaid SIM Card in Milan

Getting online and connected when you arrive in Milan is easy thanks to the widespread availability of prepaid SIM cards. Here are some of the top places you can purchase a SIM card:

  • Mobile Carrier Stores: TIM stores (Large electronic stores like Mediaworld often have a TIM section), Vodafone, WindTre, Iliad, etc.
  • Supermarkets: Esselunga, COOP, Carrefour
  • Convenience Stores: TABACCHERIE (tobacconist shops, found all over the city), EDICOLA (newsstands)
  • Online retailers: Amazon Italy
TIM Store in Milan
TIM Store in Milan

IV. eSIM card for Milan travelers – a smart alternative

Get an Italy eSIM from

Using an eSIM makes it easy for travelers to stay connected in Milan without needing a physical SIM card. With eSIM, you can activate cell plans on your phone digitally. There are a few simple ways to get an eSIM in Milan:

  • Major Carrier Websites
    • TIM, WindTre, and Vodafone all offer eSIM plans on their Italian websites.
    • Purchase is simple but requires an Italian address. Activation may take 30-50 minutes.
  • eSIM Retailers
    •, a top eSIM retailer, offers data-only plans and plans with free calls and SMS.
    • No Italian address is required; eSIMs can be activated immediately from abroad.
    • 24/7 response, various plans for people traveling to Italy.

The cost of the Italy eSIM varies starting from $3, with durations ranging from 3 to 30 days, determined by different packages. is truly the best place for visitors to Italy. offers the best near-local price eSIM starting at just $6

V. Things to prepare when buying SIM cards in Milan

To have a safe and perfect trip to Milan, Italy, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • Pick a network like TIM, Vodafone, or WindTre based on coverage and data options
  • Ensure your phone is unlocked for a local SIM
  • Have ID like your passport for purchase verification
  • Explore prepaid SIMs with data or call/text bundles at different prices
  • Estimate your data, call, and text needs for your trip
  • Buy a SIM from retailers, operator stores, or online for easy activation upon arrival.

VI. Tips/ recommendations on using a SIM card in Milan

tips on using sim card in milan
Tips on using a SIM card in Milan

Top tips for buying a SIM card in Rome:

  1. Avoid touristy spots near airports/train stations. Visit local cellphone stores for better prices and less pushy sales.
  2. For convenience and variety, go to the Vodafone store near the Pantheon – they speak English.
  3. Opt for a data-heavy plan if using maps/transit apps due to Rome’s complex layout.
  4. SIMs at Termini Station kiosks are pricey; explore nearby piazzas for cheaper options.
  5. Ask locals about the best-prepaid brands for coverage in specific areas.
  6. Try multi-SIM packages to find the best fit for your trip.
  7. Practice haggling, especially at busy stores.

VII. FAQs about buying a SIM card in Milan

Which Milan neighborhoods have the best cell coverage?

Areas near Duomo and Castello tend to work well. Avoid buying SIMs in outer suburban zones you won’t visit.

Which Italian carriers have the best data plans for tourists?

TIM and Vodafone offer reliable high-speed data networks. Check social media bundles for Internet on-the-go.

I only need a few days of light data. Best cheap SIM option?

Popular low-cost brands like Very Mobile, Kena Mobile, etc. Mobile offers pay-as-you-go SIMs for under €10.

Can using Wi-Fi void my data plan usage?

No, any data used (Wi-Fi or cellular) counts toward your monthly limit with an Italian SIM. Be conscious of app usage.

VIII. Conclusion

Picking up a SIM card is a smart first step for travelers in Milan. By doing a bit of research and prep, you can find the perfect SIM card in Milan to match your connectivity needs. 

Opting for reputable sellers like Italy-eSIM and activating it promptly ensures smooth online access and communication while you’re in this amazing Italian city. With a reliable eSIM/SIM in hand, you’re all set to explore everything Milan has to offer!