WindTre is among the best mobile network operators in Italy providing simple SIM cards and eSIM connectivity for foreigners.

This guide provides complete information about using WindTre while traveling to Italy such as the coverage, speed, different SIM card alternatives available, whether there is an eSIM or not, the costs involved, and an illustrated procedure for activating this facility.

WindTre SIM Card & eSIM

1. Quick facts about WindTre

  • WindTre is the result of a 2016 merger between Wind and 3 Italia, combining two major Italian networks.
  • It has a more than thirty-one million mobile customer base, which makes it the second-largest operator after TIM in Italy.
  • WindTre relies on 4G LTE and legacy 3G networks, with good coverage across national boundaries.
  • Average 4G download speeds of around 45Mbps and peak speeds up to 300Mbps in some areas.
  • Apart from pre-paid and post-paid mobile plans, WindTre has Home broadband services.
  • When traveling to Italy, tourists can buy WindTre SIM cards and eSIM profiles either online or from stores.
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2. WindTre Coverage & Speed in Italy

When traveling to Italy, tourists can buy WindTre SIM cards and eSIM profiles either online or from stores.

2.1. WindTre coverage in Italy

According to Opensignal’s May 2023 report on Italy’s mobile network experience.

Italy Mobile Operator Coverage
Italy Mobile Operator Coverage
  • The second-worst 4G coverage is among the five national operators at WindTre with a 10 point-scale value of 8.7. For WindTre users, there is a likelihood of experiencing poor quality communication and slow data speeds in weak 4G coverage zones.
  • The 5G coverage of WindTre has a score of 7.2, meaning that there are more chances of users connecting to 5G networks in big cities.

WindTre does not have a wide coverage like several other national operators though it has greatly improved in the past few years. In the next year, the company will continue investing in expanding the 5G network and improving coverage as well.

2.2. WindTre speed

According to Opensignal’s May 2023 report on Italy’s mobile network experience, WindTre users saw average overall download speeds of 32.4Mbps and average overall upload speeds of 10.8Mbps. This places WindTre second in terms of average download speed and upload speed, behind Vodafone but ahead of TIM, Iliad, and Fastweb.

Italy Mobile Operators Speed
Italy Mobile Operators Speed

The speed on WindTre depends on the region. WindTre holds the most average download speeds in the Nord Est and Nord Ovest regions, while Vodafone comes with the highest speed of downloads in the Centro and Sud regions.

Generally, WindTre has a good speed but is not the fastest among Italian players. Nevertheless, WindTre has invested much into enhancing its networks; hence speed will be enhanced within the next few years.

3. WindTre connectivity options for travelers to Italy

Connectivity Option Pros Cons
Prepaid SIM card Affordable, flexible data plans Can be difficult to purchase, may require activation
Pocket Wi-Fi Convenient, easy to use Can be expensive, battery life may be limited
Roaming Convenient, no need to purchase a new SIM card Can be expensive, data speeds may be slower than local networks
eSIM Low-cost, digital SIM card, no need to purchase a physical SIM card Not all phones support eSIMs, may require activation

Overall, the eSIM is a convenient option for travelers to Italy, especially those who have a phone that supports it. However, it is important to note that not all mobile providers offer eSIMs, and eSIMs may require activation.

4. Best WindTre SIM cards for tourists & cost

WindTre Tourist Pass is a prepaid SIM card designed specifically for tourists visiting Italy. WindTre Tourist Pass is a great option for travelers who need to stay connected while in Italy. It offers a good amount of data and minutes for a reasonable price. Additionally, the SIM card is self-deactivating, so you don’t have to worry about overspending.

Plan Name Data Local Calls SMS Price Validity
WindTre Tourist Pass 20GB 100 minutes 100 SMS ~ 15 USD 30 days

5. Does WindTre Italy support eSIM?

Yes, WindTre offers prepaid eSIM profiles but only for business customers and costs around 10 USD. 

If you want to use eSIM on your trip to Italy,  you can purchase one from eSIM providers such as

6. Where can you buy a WindTre SIM card and eSIM?

There are multiple ways of getting a WindTre SIM card or eSIM to remain online with mobile phone operators across Italy and around the world where WiFi coverage is minimal.

6.1 Where to buy WindTre SIM for Italy:

You can buy a WindTre SIM for Italy at several different places, including:

  • WindTre stores: These are good locations to purchase WindTre SIM as you will have the largest selection available and will be able to talk to staff for assistance. WindTre stores are literally on every Italian road; hence, you should easily locate one that’s nearby.
  • Supermarkets: WindTre SIM cards are stocked in many Italian supermarkets. This is a convenient choice if you are already buying your groceries or other supplies.
  • Electronics stores: WindTre SIM cards are also purchased in electronics stores like MediaWorld and Euronics. This is also appropriate if you intend to purchase a new smartphone at the same instance.
  • Tobacco shops: Italian tobacco shops are known as “tabacchi”. Several tabacchi in Italy sell WindTre SIM cards. A useful alternative is to buy a SIM card at a Tabacchi when you are around it.
  • Online: WindTre sells its SIM cards online from its website too. This can be very helpful if you need to pre-order a SIM card before you arrive in Italy.

If you purchase a WindTre SIM card you must present your passport or other type of identification. Finally, you will select your mobile plan. WindTre has several options, you should therefore find something to fit your requirements and pocket.

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6.2 Where to buy WindTre Italy eSIM:

You have to go for Windtre eSIM in WINDTRE stores. You will, then, receive a physical voucher containing a QR code that you’ll use to load the eSim profile into your phone.

Besides that, you can easily get an eSIM for Italy with the WINDTRE network delivered straight to your phone with just a click at No roaming fees or SIM card swaps. Purchase affordable eSIM for $3. Simply buy, receive a QR code, and scan it upon arrival in Italy. Stay connected without registration or hassle!

Break the data chains, unshackle your internet, not your budget

7. How to activate WindTre Italy SIM/eSIM

Now that you have purchased your WindTre SIM card or eSIM, the next important step is learning how to properly activate it so you can start enjoying mobile service and data on WindTre’s networks in Italy.

7.1 How to activate WindTre Italy SIM:

To use your WindTre Tourist Pass, simply insert the SIM card into your phone and turn it on. You will then be able to access the internet and make calls using your included data and minutes.

You can check your data and minutes balance by sending an SMS to 4155 with the text DATI or MINUTI.

7.2 How to activate WindTre Italy eSIM:

The eSIM will be activated within 24 hours of WINDTRE receiving the data.

If you wish, you can enable/disable the PIN through the smartphone menu, and remember that if the code is entered incorrectly three times in a row, the eSIM will be blocked.

8. WindTre Italy Call & SMS Rates

Call Type Cost
National calls (landline and mobile) $0.25/minute
National SMS $0.11/SMS
EU calls (landline and mobile) $0.25/minute
EU SMS $0.08/SMS
International calls Varies depending on the country
International SMS Varies depending on the country

Please note that the exchange rate may fluctuate, so the actual cost of your calls and SMS may vary slightly.

For prepaid packs, minutes and texts are often included. Rates are otherwise reasonable for an EU network. Roaming free within the EU.

9. Useful USSD codes for WindTre Italy SIM/eSIM

How to check your WindTre balance?

  • Text BALANCE to 4155.
  • Call 4242 from your WindTre number and follow the prompts.
  • Check on the WindTre app.

Standard codes work on both SIMs and eSIMs. Useful for monitoring usage.

10. How to top-up WindTre Italy SIM/eSIM

Several ways to add more data or extend validity on WindTre:

  • Online – Recharge using the WindTre website or app
  • Vouchers – Enter the top-up code from the voucher purchased
  • Stores – Top up at WindTre stores and other retailers
  • ATM – Add funds via cash or card at the ATM
  • MyWind app – Top up through integrated app wallet

Just activate an additional data pack or validity extension as needed. Equally easy for SIM and eSIM.

12. FAQs about WindTre Italy

Does WindTre offer 5G service?

WindTre has started initial 5G rollouts in Italy but coverage remains minimal. 4G LTE provides faster speeds for now.

How long does WindTre SIM activation take?

WindTre SIMs and eSIMs activate within minutes once installed and connected.

Can I roam WindTre in Europe?

Yes, WindTre has EU roaming so you can use it freely when traveling around Europe.

Is there an expiry date for the WindTre SIM card?

Tourist SIMs expire after 7 or 30 days depending on the pack. All Digital SIMs expire after 90 days unless topped up.

13. Final Words

WindTre is a great connectivity choice when visiting Italy, has robust coverage, decent rates, multiple prepaid SIMs and e-SIM plans, and lots of vendors’ shops. Affordable options are available either using regular SIM cards or even eSIMs. The coverage of Italy helps you to be in touch even in remote areas. Make sure to follow the guidelines provided for the best WindTre Italy SIM or eSIM.