Travelers looking to buy SIM cards when in Italy should consider buying one at Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO). Using a local SIM card enables one to make calls, send SMS, and access mobile data without exorbitant roaming fees from your original network. A complete guide to buying a SIM card at Rome Fiumicino Airport, including the best SIM cards, prices, and preparation steps.

SIM Card at Rome Airport

I. Where to Buy a SIM Card at Rome Airport

There are several places to purchase SIM cards once you arrive at Rome Fiumicino Airport:

1. Vodafone store

If you prefer to buy a SIM card from a shop, there is Vodafone in the arrival hall, offering SIM card sales and activation, plan selection and assistance, mobile phone, and accessory sales.

There are 2 locations:

  • Vodafone SIM card booth at luggage belts: After passport control, on the left-hand side. Opening hours: 07:00 – 23:00.
  • Vodafone shop in arrival hall: Left-hand side of the hall, just after the sliding doors open. Opening hours: 09:00 – 20:00.
Vodafone store at Rome Airport
Vodafone store at Rome Airport

2. TIM store

TIM is one of the largest mobile network operators in Italy. The TIM shop is located in front of the Vodafone shop in the arrival hall and offers the same services as the Vodafone shop.

  • Location: In front of the Vodafone shop in the arrival hall.
  • Hours of operation: 09:00 – 20:00
TIM store at Rome Airport
TIM store at Rome Airport

II. Rome Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport SIM Card Options and Costs

Here are the top SIM card options available from Vodafone and TIM at Rome Fiumicino Airport:

Operator Plan Name Price Data Local Calls SMS Validity Total Cost (USD)
Vodafone Vodafone Holiday SIM ~ 30 USD 2 GB in 4G speed 300 minutes 300 SMS 30 days ~ 30 USD
Vodafone Dolce Vita ~ 15 USD 100 GB in 5G 200 minutes 200 SMS 30 days ~ 15 USD
TIM TIM Tourist SIM ~ 16 USD 100GB 5G speed Unlimited - 30 days ~ 26 USD

At Fiumicino Airport, you may also get a SIM card from other Italian carriers such as Lycamobile, Iliad, and Fastweb. Plans that provide prepaid data, call, and text bundles at competitive prices is available for tourists.

III. What You Need to Prepare for Getting a SIM Card at Rome Airport

When purchasing a SIM card at Rome Fiumicino Airport, keep the following requirements and tips in mind:

  • Unlocked Phone: If you use a foreign SIM card in your phone it must be unlocked. Make sure to unlock it using your home service provider before the trip.
  • Passport: When acquiring a SIM card in Italy, you will need to present your passport as valid ID proof.
  • Nano/Micro SIM: Prepare a phone with which you will replace the SIMs. Most Italian SIMs come in nano or micro size.
  • Activate SIM: Don’t forget to activate and register the SIM after inserting it into your phone.
  • Top-up/Recharge: You may need to top-up your SIM card even if it’s prepaid, to activate service.
  • Data Settings: Enable mobile data/APN settings and turn on data roaming on your phone.
  • WiFi Access: Connect to airport WiFi before swapping SIMs so you can look up instructions.

IV. eSIM as an Alternative to SIM Card at Rome Airport

Get an Italy eSIM from

Using an eSIM digital SIM is an alternative to physical SIM cards at Rome Fiumicino Airport. Here are the benefits of eSIM and providers with eSIM service:

  • No need to swap SIM cards in your phone
  • Remotely add data plans without visiting a store
  • Use dual SIM functionality with physical + eSIM
  • Easily switch network providers as needed

Check beforehand if your phone has eSIM capability to use this option. You can scan provider QR codes or use mobile apps to set up eSIM service once in Italy.

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V. FAQs about SIM Cards at Rome Airport

Do I need to show ID/passport to buy SIM card in Rome airport?

Yes, you need to show your passport as proof of identity when purchasing any SIM card in Italy, including at the Rome airport.

Can I use SIM card from Rome in rest of Italy/Europe?

Most Italian SIM cards will allow you to roam freely across Italy and Europe at no extra cost. But verify roaming benefits when purchasing your SIM.

Is there free WiFi at Fiumicino airport?

Yes, Fiumicino airport has a free WiFi network called Aeroporti di Roma WiFi that you can connect to when at the terminals.

Can I top up SIM card at Rome airport?

Yes, you can top up or recharge your SIM card at any of the provider kiosks, stores, vending machines or nearby shops at the Rome airport terminals.

Do all SIM cards at Rome airport have data?

Most SIM cards sold at the airport come with prepaid data bundles. But some may offer only calls and texts, so check when purchasing.

VI. Final words

A traveler should acquire a new eSIM or SIM Card at Rome Airport or before reaching Rome and Italy. Many flexible data plans from the best Italian carriers in Rome Fiumicino Airport enable visitors to stay connected. Compare and consider the SIM plans and choose the best one that suits you and your pocket. Simply with the correct SIM card, you do not have to pay those expensive roaming charges upon your arrival to Rome.